Car Wash

A man was shot and killed by a Mecklenburg County sheriff’s deputy yesterday around 7:15 p.m. at New Look Car Wash on Old Lynnwood Drive in Clinton, North Carolina.

Henry H. Feldon, 47, 246 W. Grover, Clinton, North Carolina, was taken to Memorial Hospital in Charlotte where he was pronounced dead.

According to a reporter for WCNC-TV, a Rock Hill television station, Ken Montgomery, the owner of New Look Car Wash, received a phone call from a passerby who informed him that a man’s pickup truck was stuck in a drain at the car wash. Montgomery proceeded to call an employee, Devarious Hughes, who arrived at the car wash to help.

Upon arrival, something looked suspicious so Hughes called the sheriff’s office. After the sheriff showed up, Hughes said, “He [the man with the truck] walked back to the truck and pulled out his weapon. I heard the officer say, ‘Sir, please drop the gun. Drop the gun.’ That’s when the shots were fired by the deputy.”

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office has said that one of its deputies was involved in a shooting but has released no further details since the case is under investigation by county and state officials. The unidentified sheriff’s deputy is on administrative leave during this time.

It is the second time in a week that someone has been killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Mecklenburg County.


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